Unlike many brokers, MAP is a full service, end-to-end offering that covers everything - recommendations, implementation and coordination of related professioanl advice from your advisers where necessary.
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mortgage Advice Partners

Creating Control and Flexibility  

Mortgage Advice Partners specialises in:

  • Assisting self-employed applicants
  • Setting 'difficult to place' finance
  • Restructuring loan portfolios


We broker loan products that offer control and flexibility to our clients, enabling them to manage their assets and cashflow effectively, no matter what events they may encounter.  To achieve this we have carefully established a unique lending panel comprised of a broad range of financial products.  Each product targets a particular set of requirements, or 'piece of the jigsaw', that combined complete the lending landscape uniquely offered by Mortgage Advice Partners.

Coupled with unprecedented flexibility for Australian borrowers, via significantly reduced or abolished mortgage exit fees, Mortgage Advice Partners offers ongoing restructuring advice with few exit costs involved.  This opportunity further adds to our clients ability to exact control and flexibility in their financial affairs.

So no matter what your requirements are now and over time, Mortgage Advice Partners will partner you to ensure you have the right finance solution.  Speak to us today and let us identify opportunities for you. 

Mortgage Advice Partners

  • is a high service, advice orientated, mortgage broking business.
  • complete a full assessment and detailed analysis of your current and anticipated loan requirements via our unique MAP reporting system, from which an action plan is created and attached to your file.
  • embrace the motto 'communication and action'.  We constantly monitor the mortgage market and work with our clients to identify opportunities for savings or greater flexibility.

How Does the MAP Report Work?

We can produce a tailored and personalised MAP report to achieve results you are seeking.  Try our questionnaire on Tab 05 to get started today.

  • MAP is created through a one-on-one consultative process to identify your requirements now and into the future.
  • MAP produces a report containing detailed recommendations and a plan of action.
  • MAP will prompt Mortgage Advice Partners to contact you over the course of your loan, linked to your current situation, loan structure, financial & business goals and industry developments.

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